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oil painting portrait of 2 young children at the beachportrait oil painting of little girl in velvet dressoil painting portrait of a chihuahuaoil portrait of a woman in redsoil portrait painting of woman on white horseoil painting portrait head and shoulders in sepia of blonde girlportrait oil painting of little boy at beachcommission oil portrait of brother and sister

“My cousin Norman Rockwell was so inspiring because through his oil paintings on 300+ Saturday Evening Post magazine covers, he showed people as warm, human and truthful. He helped Americans to care about others and thus to remember that each of us can make a difference in each others’ lives. I carry on that tradition in my own way. By viewing my custom oil portraits of children and family, it is my intention that people see the best in others and feel the best about themselves so that everyone creates good effects and gets along.” — Jessica Rockwell

Custom Oil Portraits

Just imagine custom oil portraits of your child, family, pet or yourself by Jessica Rockwell and you will enjoy browsing this site of 100+ commissioned oil and charcoal portraits.  There are galleries showing many examples of each type of oil portrait painting: children, teens, family, men and women, and pets (dogs, cats & horses for starters). Then there is another gallery just for Charcoal Portraits. There is also a gallery devoted to Photo-to Painting where you can see the photographic references Ms. Rockwell looked at as she drew and painted them in oil or charcoal. See for yourself how she has earned her reputation for capturing the true living “essence” of her subject and how you can benefit by her expertise for your portrait.

Custom Oil Portraits: 2 little girlsBesides the galleries, here are a couple more pages you might like to peruse: About the Artist and
The Artist’s Studio and the Procedure of Creating a Portrait. Even the experience of getting a custom oil portrait done can be rewarding when you have a caring artist, such as Ms. Rockwell. You can arrange for a photoshoot, either in Ms. Rockwell’s Clearwater, Florida studio, or she can fly to your home. Or you can simply communicate over the phone and email and send in favorite photos. From her location in Clearwater, Florida, on Tampa Bay just north of St. Petersburg, she has produced all varieties of commissioned works for thrilled customers across the USA. Call or email Jessica Rockwell now for your own personal free, no-obligation consultation.

To start your tour of the galleries, just click here: Photo to Painting.