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These are the museum quality frames that Jessica loves to see adorn her portraits. These are all hand-crafted with 22k genuine gold leaf and hand carving and/or handmade moulding following 16th century procedures for quality. Chosen correctly, they set off the portrait to its best advantage. Even though magnificent in themselves, they draw the viewer in to look past the frame and at the portrait.

In the history of portraits, it seems that the frame that you choose from the beginning is the one that goes the distance with the portrait from then on into the future. Thus getting museum quality frames to begin with is a wise decision.

A misconception that is prevalent about frames is that you get your frame to go with the room where your portrait will hang. If that were the case, you wouldn’t need a frame. You could simply hang the portrait without a frame and let the room around it envelope it.

It works much better when you choose the frame to suit the portrait. That isn’t to say that you can’t have your own preferences on styles of frames and put that into the mix as well. But when you hold many corner samples of frames against your portrait, you will see which ones have colors and design elements in them that integrate with and bring out the best of the portrait. This is what you want.

There are several colors of gold leaf to consider as well. All the above frames can be made with any of them. Shown here is the standard yellow gold, a lemon gold and a “dirty gold” which is rustic metallic leaf. Other available colors are antique white gold which has a lot of warmth to it (tending toward a warm yellow rather than the traditional white gold which is very silver), as well as silver and pewter.

Jessica Rockwell can work with you to help you select a frame for your portrait, if you like.

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