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Oil Portraits of Men and WomenHere are the gallery pages where you can peruse over 100 examples of Ms. Rockwell’s oil portraits—every one of them beloved by their owners.

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The Impact of World Class Oil Portraits

by Robin Jewett Emery
Picture this. You stand with your family and friends awaiting the unveiling. It’s been over a year since you took the first step to making this dream come true. The veil drops. There’s a pregnant silence. The awe is broken by “oohs and ash”. Someone starts clapping … another cheers. “Magnificent!” A chorus breaks out in praise, “It’s perfect!” … “Gorgeous!” … “It captures all their personalities and makes the canvas sing.”

Your heart swells with pride. You can tell it’s a masterpiece the moment you look at it. And you can imagine that this portrait of your children could someday hang in a museum attracting the attention of thousands of visitors like those who parade the halls of The Museum of Fine Arts in your city or one nearby.

But you hope for even better…

Maybe a century after you’ve been laid to rest this masterpiece of oil portraits will grace the mantel of your great grand-children’s home…and their children will be inspired by the innocence of their great grandmother…a child of the first decade of the 21st century—a time so remote to them that the elegance of this portrait is their best indicator of the spirit of those times long past.

They wonder what their great grandmother was thinking at the time when she had had to stand “oh so still” until the artist brought her life into immortality on canvas.

Lines painted by a master artist so long ago.

Lines connecting the generations of love.

Lines connecting heaven to earth.

Could someone in your family be the subject of such a treasure which maybe hundreds of years from now will hang in some famous art gallery…or even better…in the home of your great great grandchildren?

Yes. It’s possible.

But not just any artist can produce a masterpiece like you imagine. We’ve all seen terrible oil portraits that belong in an attic or garage. But that’s not the art that dreams are made of.

For heirloom quality work, you need a master portrait artist.

Is it possible to find an artist who has mastered the old world artistry that hangs in the world’s finest museums? A contemporary master practicing ancient classical painting techniques? Someone whose name is synonymous with excellence in the world of art?

There is one name that stands above the rest when it comes to portraiture in the United States. A name that is as American as John Wayne and apple pie. A name that everyone knows and respects. If you haven’t already guessed, let me tell you—


Yes, you know the name.

And you are probably aware that it is impossible to commission the great Norman Rockwell to paint a portrait of you or your children. Even if you had a million dollars to spend… you are too late. That master of American portraiture died in 1978. In the last decade of his life you could have paid as much as $100,000 to have him paint your portrait. And today it might be worth as much as $900,000.

But do not despair.

There is a Rockwell of great stature in the art world working at this very minute.

Jessica Priscilla Rockwell -…Master portrait artist…cousin to Norman Rockwell.