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Photo of Jessica Rockwell's oil portrait studio and procedure

The Artist’s Studio and Procedure of Creating a Portrait

For a glimpse into oil portrait artist Jessica Rockwell’s world and her studio and procedure, first of all, please see the above picture of the custom studio that was built for her to her specifications. The end that you can see here is the area set up for her painting. At the other end is a large photography studio where her husband, Gerry Chromoy, creates his “Chroma Photography”. You can see a picture of it at the page of this website dedicated to some of his photographs: Chroma Photography, (below the gallery).

Jessica Rockwell’s procedure of making oil paintings is the story of the very exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you or your family’s special moment can be captured on canvas.

Ms. Rockwell’s professionally executed commissioned portraits may or may not require a sitting, but they will all have a photoshoot as reference material. The location is usually a locale suitable for the sitter. Times will be worked out and the photographic session routinely takes only one meeting. Or you can simply email your images to her and she can take it from there.

Using the finest archival canvases or hardboards primed with the highest quality archival materials, Ms. Rockwell then carries forward the Old Masters painting traditions that have been admired and have endured since Rembrandt. She first draws out the subject. She follows that with many layers: acrylic base layers, then oil of more and more specific paint strokes. These are true custom oil portraits.

Her charcoal portraits follow a similar path—she sketches on archival cotton, first lightly and loosely, and then gradually more and more precisely.

The painting procedure can take several months to complete depending on how many paintings she has in the studio. However, special arrangements can be made for urgent commissions.

Ms. Rockwell’s professional artist etiquette ensures that your portrait will be treasured by you as a precious keepsake and heirloom for all time. Achieving stunning likenesses is her specialty. She guarantees excellence plus generations of enjoyment!

Please enjoy a 4-1/2 minute video of the creation of a portrait as documented by FOX News. They won an Emmy and an Edgar R. Murrow award for their filming of this little glimpse into a Rockwell Legacy.

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